Sustainable construction machines

The development of sustainable construction machines and construction logistics is essential for creating a future-proof construction sector with reduced nitrogen emissions.

Increasingly more customers are demanding cleaner machines at their construction sites. As a machine builder we play an active role in the transition to cleaner constructions sites; on the one hand as a knowledge partner and on the other by developing and building machines with less or no emissions.


Make use of our knowledge

Our goal is to share knowledge about sustainability with you and to adapt your machine to a version with less emision or to develop and build a new machine without emission. We provide you with advice about the most optimal and sustainable solution, specifically focused on the machine and the work you intend to perform with it, f.e.:

  • Electrification with and without battery
  • Electrification with range extender
  • Conversion to Stage V diesel drive
  • Hydrogen as the energy carrier for electrification
  • Bi-fuel with the use of fossil-free fuel and hydrogen




Stage V diesel drive


Financial benefits

Are you considering to convert your existing machine to a sustainable version or are you thinking of expanding your machine park? You may very well qualify for a subsidy or other forms of compensation. We are happy to inform you about the available options. Call or e-mail your contact and we will contact you for a consultative meeting without obligation!

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