Electric Sennebogen 653 crane suprises operator

In Rotterdam-Noord is being built on a new section of the A16 with a 100% CO₂-neutral tunnel. This new highway is 11 kilometers long and is located between the A16/A20 at Terbregseplein and the A13 at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.
This project focuses on sustainability and innovation. For example, the tunnel is equipped with smart and energy-neutral solutions such as solar panels, LED lighting and residual heat that is stored in the ground. The project will be completed by the end of 2025.

The design, construction and pre-financing of this project is done by ‘De Groene Boog’. This is a collaboration between Dura Vermeer, Van Oord Marine ingenuity, John Laing, Rebel, TBI and BESIX. BESIX is a multidisciplinary company with a leading position in construction, real estate development and public works. Part of this is BESIX Contracting, which is specifically concerned with the realization of infrastructure, especially complex projects.
The construction of the new A16 with tunnel perfectly matches the expertise of BESIX Contracting in all respects. In addition, this project offers the opportunity for BESIX to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions on the construction site. After a short successful testperiod, an investment was made in purchasing of an electric Sennebogen 653E crawler crane. This completely emission-free crane is the first electric crane that was converted by Van den Heuvel from standard powered to an emission-free version. With this electric crane, BESIX has made a perfect start with the gradual electrification of their machinepark. At the construction site in Rotterdam, the electric Sennebogen crane is used to place panels for the formwork for the concrete tub. The formwork panels have different dimensions, currently they work with panels that are 6×4 m in size.

The operator is Rick Roza, he has been working with the electric crane for several months. Rick tells how he experiences working with the crane:

What is your overall impression of the electric crane?
“Well, I’ve always been enthusiastic about machines and the noise they produce. So in the beginning I was very skeptical and had my reservations. For example, I wondered how things would go in practice, how long I could work with the crane and whether technically everything worked properly. After all, the electrification of cranes is still in an early stage. Before I was a crane operator, I worked as a car mechanic for 8 years and experienced the arrival of electric cars on the market. These had many problems in the beginning. But my opinion has changed now.’’

Did the crane immediately meet your expectations?
“I had low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. I had worked with the electric crane for a while and it was temporarily replaced by the diesel variant. (note: The electric crane was temporarily not present because it was exhibited at the Bauma). I noticed that the electric version runs better than the diesel version. More quiet, no vibrations or noise from the motor, you can now just talk to someone standing next to the crane.”

What positive characteristics do you experience?
“Working with the crane is very smooth and fluid.”

How long can you work with the crane?
“That depends on what you do with it. If you don’t run too many speeds, which is not necessary with this machine, you can easily work with it for one to 2 days. Even with these low temperatures, the battery charges perfectly. In the beginning it was a bit of a search to set up the power. It can charge up to 32 amps but we’ve set this to half, at 16-20 amps. Otherwise it will draw too much current and the fuses will blow. The power supply is simply not that reliable on a construction site. If you do not have to take this into account, the battery could be charged in half the time. Now, after a night of charging, the battery is always more than full.”

What differences did you experience compared to the diesel variant?
“Quiet, smoother, equal all the power, you hardly need to turn any revs, everything goes much smoother.”

Would you recommend the electric crane to third parties?
“Certainly, which is also the case that we often work with foreign colleagues. That is already difficult to communicate, especially if the crane makes a lot of noise. But now it is also much better.”

What is your overall impression of Van den Heuvel?
“Very good. We communicated closely with each other, certainly in the beginning, and kept each other informed about how the crane was doing. In the beginning there were a few small points such as, for example, when the engine was off, the heater also stopped working. That was due to a bug in the software, which you only find out in practice. This has been corrected and resolved quickly. Everything was immediately arranged if there was anything and I was also kept informed. It really went great, the contact with your company. I could always call and it was picked up right away. “

Are you interested in Sennebogen cranes? Please find information about Sennebogen cranes or check the documentation of the electric crawler crane.

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