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Van den Heuvel also supplies used equipment. Pile drivers and accessories, earthmoving or construction machinery and equipment. Below you can view our offer. Would you like more information about the equipment, a bit of advice or a tailor-made offer? Please contact our sales department via telephone number +31 (0)183-502655.



Junttan Powerpack 15CCU

Year of construction: 2009
Engine: Cummins QSN 11 Tier 3
Power: 280 kW
Max. working pressure: 350 bar
Max. oil flow: 2×373 l / min
Gas oil tank: 700 litres
Hydraulic tank: 1300 litres
Size: 3855x2250x1720 mm

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Piling rigs

Junttan PM25LC

Year of construction: 2003
Hours: 15,000
Engine: Cummins C8.3 litres
Property length: 24.6 meters
Max. pile length: 23.6 meters
Hammer winch: 15 tons
Paallier: 10 tons
Hammer: Junttan HHK7AS-1200
Counterweight: 7,000 kg (extendable)
Undercarriage: Hydraulically extendable, width caterpillars 900 mm

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Impact 600P

Year of construction: 2009
Engine: Caterpillar
Broker length: 20.9 meters + broker head 1.1 meters and 4.5 telescopic (self-righting)
Max. pile length: 21 meters
Hammer winch: 10 tons
Paallier: 8 tons
Auxiliary plant: 4 tons
Hammer: 5-ton hammer
Counterweight: 5 tons extendable
Undercarriage: Hydraulically extendable
Stamp legs: 2 pieces, hydraulically extendable

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Junttan PM20LC

Year of construction: 1992
Hours : 50,621
Engine: Deutz BF6M1013CP
Property length: 19 meters
Max. pile length: 20 meters
Hammer winch: 8 tons
Pile winch: 6 tons
Hammer: Junttan HHK5-1200
Counterweight: 6,150 kg (extendable)
Undercarriage: Hydraulic extendible, width tracks 800 mm

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Hitachi KH-150-3

Hours: 7945
Year of construction: 1994
Boom length: 40 meters boom
1-sheavehook: 2x
Jib ball: 1x
Serpent winch: 1x

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Sumitomo LS118RH5

Year of construction: 1991
Engine: HINO H 06 CT, 6 cylinders
Hours of operation: ca.34.000
Boom: 39.65 meters
Winches: 1st winch 150 kN
2nd winch 150 kN (working hours approximately 200 hours)
3rd winch 50 kN (hourly rate approx. 25hours)
1 x boom adjustment winch

  • Counterweight: 17.4 tonnes.
  • Hydraulic telescopic undercarriage made of high-grade rolled steel.
  • Track chain with flat track plates.
    Two-stage drive motors for increased speed.
  • Spacious cab with excellent visibility.

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Hydraulic IMPACT hammer 5S60

Year of construction: 2009
Hammer: 5,000 kg
Total weight: 8,500 kg
Max. impact height: 1,200 mm
Max. impact speed: 4.85 m / s
Max. impact energy: 59kNm
Stroke speed: 40/100 BPM
Net workload: 215 Bar
Net oil flow: 250 Lpm
Length A: 7.250 mm
Length B: 6.347 mm
Drive cap height: 515 mm
Diameter C: 816 mm

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Junttan HHK14/16S-1500

Year of construction: 2009
Frame: closed
Drop weight: 14,000 / 16,000 kg
Max. drop height: 1,200 mm
Blow energy: 165/188 kNm
Stroke speed: 40-100 BPM
Total weight: 22,500-27,400 kg

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Hitachi SCX400 GLS-K

Year of construction: 2003
Engine: Deutz BF8M1015C
Hours: approx. 14,000
Power: 364 kW
Stamp legs: yes
Broker: 22/26 meters
Weight: approx. 76,630 kg
Remarks: mobile drilling on caterpillars

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Hitachi FH330 FR

Year of construction: 1998
Engine: Deutz BF10L513
Hours: approx. 12,000
Power: 236 kW
Stamp legs: yes
Broker: 16.5 / 19 meters
Weight: approx. 57,700 kg
Remarks: mobile drilling on caterpillars

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Hitachi EX335 FR

Year of construction: 2002
Engine: Diesel – Hydraulic
Hours: approx. 19,000
Power: 261 kW
Stamp legs: yes
Weight: approx. 52,500 kg
Remarks: mobile drilling on caterpillars

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Junttan PM28

Year of construction: 2007
Hours of operation: Approximately 9,000
Engine: Cummins QSX15
Property length: 30 meters
Max. pile length: 30 Meters
Hammer winch: 25 tons
Pile winch: 12 tons
Counterweight: Fixed, 14,000 kg
Undercarriage: hydraulic extendable width 900 mm crawler plates

Various possibilities
– Hammer: Junttan HHK5-1200
Drill case: JD 40B

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Junttan PM18

Year of construction: 2007
Engine: Cummins QSM11
Property length: 28 Meters
Max. Drill depth: 22 Meters
Pull up winch: 20 tons
Auxiliary winch: 5 tons
Counterweight: 6500 Kg
Max. width: 4500 mm

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Junttan PM18

Year of construction: 2001
Engine: Cummins QSM11
Property length: 22 Meters
Max. Drill depth: 18 Meters
Auxiliary plant: 5 tons
Counterweight: 3200 Kg
Max. width: 4500 mm

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Boom Case CX800

Boom for a Case CX800

Year of construction: 2001

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