The MP60 is built as a 60 tonne base machine and is ideally suited for driving piles and drilling displacement piles, drilling mortar screw piles and vibrating mini vibro piles. When developing this machine Van den Heuvel went beyond the drawing board. In order to best meet all the wishes and requirements from the market, Van den Heuvel involved both customers and technicians in the process. This ensures that the machine is optimally configured for everyone involved.


The high efficiency of the machine is achieved by the reliability and quality of the brands, materials and components used. The MP60 is built with a passion for technical innovation. This means it is optimally matched to the way the customer works, for greater efficiency and effectiveness.


The modularly constructed multipurpose machine serves as a solid base that allows complete flexibility in how it is prepared and automated, to perfectly match the customer’s wishes. This allows variation within the standard components in terms of motor power, pump, leader and ballast.


• Multipurpose
• Modularly constructed
• High efficiency
• Hydraulically adjustable undercarriage
• Compact for transport (3,100 mm by 18,000 mm)
• Safe, efficient operation
• CE certified and compliant with foundation standard NEN- EN 16228


Service & overhaul

Our service department repairs, maintains and overhauls piling rigs. All our employees are experienced, highly trained and possess a great deal of knowledge. Regardless of which type of rig or make, we make sure that you have full confidence in your equipment.


Van den Heuvel has a team of mechanics with fully equipped service vans waiting for you. Our service department is experienced, well-trained, and operational throughout Europe to quickly resolve the failure of your foundation machine.

In our warehouse we have a large stock of parts. If a part is not in stock, we can order it for you and deliver it quickly.

Bespoke service

We carry out complete overhauls, giving your piling rig a whole new lease of life in an as-new condition. But you might also opt for partial modifications. This might include cabins and undercarriages. Our service engineers will serve you either at our workshop in Werkendam or on-site.

Repairs and malfunctions

You must be able to rely on your piling rig at all times. If the technology lets you down, you can depend on our engineers to help, either in our workshops or on-site. If you’ve suffered a malfunction, then call us on +31 (0)183 502 655 (also available outside office hours).

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