For companies that want to carry out impact and vibratory pile driving in addition to the usual lifting activities, all with the same machine, VDH can adapt a standard crane to a crane with a hanging leader. The crane retains its original function while also providing the flexibility and versatility of serving as a foundation piling machine. It offers tremendous range: the PD machine can operate forward- or backward-leaning, with a maximum inclination of 4:1, depending on the leader length. The leader can also be lowered, which makes the PD machine extremely suitable for work where scaffolding or a pontoon is used.



When a machine needs to be flexible and versatile as a hoisting crane yet must also serve as a heavier foundation machine with greater inclination positions than a PD piling rig, VDH offers the PDX machine. A standard crane is converted to a PDX piling rig while retaining its crane function. The PDX rig is able to achieve greater inclination because there are cylinders mounted on the boom that are anchored to the back of the machine. Outriggers at the rear allow the boom to lean backwards, beyond the dead centre. This gives the sliding table enough travel, and the desired inclination of up to 3:1 can be achieved.



Specially for civil engineering projects and other large infrastructure work, where even more capacity is needed than the previously mentioned PD and PDX machines, VDH has the XLR machine. This is a custom-made pile-driving/drilling rig, often based on a crane. The XLR machine’s long fixed leader, heavy-duty hanging point and high stability make it stronger and more multifunctional and therefore suitable for heavy foundation work. The special closed leader makes the machine suitable for drilling and, owing to the high tractive power, pipes can be pulled out of the ground effortlessly.


PD machine

In the VDH workshop, the machine is fitted with a special leader that is mounted on the jib of the crawler crane. VDH has developed a leader mount that is suitable for both tubular and lattice leaders. A special sliding table is also built onto the crane. This can be a central telescopic sliding table or a variant with two guide bars on the side of the machine. Additional hydraulic functions, control options and, optionally, additional winches are also added. Of course, a capacity calculation is carried out and, if necessary, additional ballast is fitted. As a variation of the additional counterweight, part of the ballast can be replaced by a powerpack frame or a powerpack frame can be placed on top of the counterweight.

PDX machine

The PDX piling rig reaches greater inclinations than a PD piling rig, both forwards and backwards. In order to achieve these large inclinations, cylinders mounted on the boom are anchored to the back of the machine. By mounting outriggers at the rear, the boom can be moved backwards through the dead centre. This gives the sliding table enough travel and the desired inclinations can be achieved.

XLR machine

The VDH XLR machine is a custom-made piling/drilling rig (often with a crane as base machine), especially designed for larger projects. Examples include civil engineering structures (bridges and viaducts) and other large infrastructure works. The XLR machine’s long fixed leader, heavy-duty hanging point and high stability make it stronger and more multifunctional and therefore suitable for heavy foundation work. The special pipe leader or closed lattice leader makes the machine suitable for drilling. The machine itself has a high tractive force and more capacity than a PD/PDX machine, enabling it to effortlessly pull pipes out of the ground.


Service & overhaul

Our service department repairs, maintains and overhauls piling rigs. All our employees are experienced, highly trained and possess a great deal of knowledge. Regardless of which type of rig or make, we make sure that you have full confidence in your equipment.

Van den Heuvel support

Van den Heuvel has a team of mechanics with fully equipped service vans waiting for you. Our service department is experienced, well-trained, and operational throughout Europe to quickly resolve the failure of your foundation machine.

In our warehouse we have a large stock of parts. If a part is not in stock, we can order it for you and deliver it quickly.

Bespoke service

We carry out complete overhauls, giving your piling rig a whole new lease of life in an as-new condition. But you might also opt for partial modifications. This might include cabins and undercarriages. Our service engineers will serve you either at our workshop in Werkendam or on-site.

Repairs and malfunctions

You must be able to rely on your piling rig at all times. If the technology lets you down, you can depend on our engineers to help, either in our workshops or on-site. If you’ve suffered a malfunction, then call us on +31 (0)183 502 655 (also available outside office hours).

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