Case: Four railway piling rigs for Poland

For a project in Poland, Van den Heuvel built four compact track piling machines. The VDH-PV15 machines are specially engineered and produced to perform piling from the track.

Work next to the track

The VDH-PV15 is a multifunctional, compact machine. The machine has been specially designed to carry out piling work next to the track from the track, but with the 600 mm wide tracks the machine can also be used next to the track. In order to work from the track, the VDH-PV15 is fitted with special, self-driven hydraulic track wheels. Due to the compact size, the machine remains completely within the profile of the railway line, allowing train traffic to continue on the adjacent track.

Flexible in use

Due to the compact radius and the right hydraulic capacity, the Kobelco SK230SR-LC is used as a basic machine. The four Kobelco’s are then completely converted into a pile driving machine and equipped with a special broker with hammer. Both the hammer and the broker are a design and production by Van den Heuvel. The broker is telescopic in three parts, allowing the hammer to be moved up or down easily when there are electrical lines on the track. The hammer is the type VDH 2,5AL-800. With this equipment the machine can drive piles of up to 7 meters. The total weight of the VDH-PV15 is approx. 44 tons, including hammer, track wheels and an additional weighted load of 7,750 kg.

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