Case: Volker Stevin Materieel opts for flexible 653

Volker Stevin Materieel specializes in renting, supplying, managing and maintaining a comprehensive equipment package and all related electrical and mechanical installations for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure. Rob van den Boogaard, team leader cranes and operators at Volker Stevin Materieel recently ordered the S653, and with that the sixth Sennebogen machine, via Van den Heuvel.

Special circumstances

For a project in Groessen, where the company is busy with the construction of gas pipelines, work is being done under special circumstances. The construction site is located just under an electricity mast, so additional measures are desirable to prevent the load from being moved above those zones or obstacles.

“That is one of the advantages of the S653; it can be equipped with a ‘virtual wall’ which makes the machine extremely suitable for working under electricity pylons, “says Rienk Nadema, Commercial Manager at Van den Heuvel. Thanks to the working range limiter, the operator receives a signal if the boom of the crane is within the pivoting range of another crane or obstacle. “On a screen in the cab, the operator receives information about the position of the boom in relation to the high-voltage cables.”

Flexible in use

The S653 can withstand even the most difficult terrain thanks to its robust construction. Expired up to 20 degrees and slopes up to 4 degrees are no problem for this machine. The full-power boom, which can telescope under load, ensures flexible deployment on every construction site. “The caterpillars can retract, and then we can quickly move the machine to another location. In the case of this work we sometimes have to cross a busy road, to work on the other side. That crane is perfectly capable of that, “explains Van den Bogaard.

The crane is easy to transport and in principle ready for use immediately after unloading the low-loader. Additional equipment can be folded for transport. “By using proven hydraulics and electricity and at the same time avoiding unpredictable electronics, the technology remains reliable, even in extreme situations,” says Nadema.

Van den Heuvel has the exclusive distribution rights of the Sennebogen Crane Line products (lattice boom cranes and telescopic cranes) in the Netherlands. Sennebogen uses high-quality innovative technologies in the development and construction of their products. Sennebogen machines are known for their German reliability and ultimate performance.


Customer Volker Stevin Materieel
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