VDH-MP70 goes USA!

With the successful delivery of the VDH-MP70 to Hammer & Steel in Missouri (USA), another MP (Multi Purpose) machine has been added to our track record. This is the fifth MP machine that we have developed and built in-house. In the meantime we are working on no. 6 (a MP60), followed by 2 MP40 machines.

We received a request for a foundation rig from Hammer & Steel, a leading American supplier of drilling and piling equipment. The inquiry concerned the development and construction of an MP (Multi Purpose) machine. This is a modular machine, fully customizable and suitable for various foundation work. In this case, the machine would be used for pile driving, displacement drilling and soil mixing.

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We started the process with a customer requirement document and submitted it to Hammer & Steel. Based on this, a final customer requirement document has been determined and we recommended the MP70 with a carriage driven by a rack and pinion system, rather than winches.

This system offers a number of advantages:

The construction of the leader is flexible and there are no cables that have to be monitored during erection and return to transport position. When drilling with 1 propulsion you have as much force pull up as pull down. No separate propulsions are required.

Cables also have the advantage that maintenance (and possibly troubleshooting) can be done easily by technicians.

User friendly
The MP70 is designed with eye for detail. There are good steps, handles and lighting. The lighting in the doors provides a good view of the maintenance work. The cabin is equipped with a very luxurious seat, ergonomic and air suspended with lumbar supports.

The control consoles, which contain the handles, can be adjusted independently of the chair. The cabin itself has a modern design with curves, but with straight windows. This prevents reflections or distortions. The large windshield offers a clear overview of the construction site.

The design of the cabin also takes into account the requirements for a healthy and safe workplace as set by OHSA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in the US.

Successful cooperation
The contact with Hammer & Steel went very well throughout the whole process. Hammer & Steel has confidence in our machines because we have proven ourselves in the past when it comes to translating specific customer requirements into suitable solutions and implementing them into efficient machines.

Principles of MP machines
When developing the MP series, we assumed the following characteristics:
– Quality, only A-class components are used.
– Functional simplicity, conventionally wired with PLC system ensuring safe control.
– Performance, due to our own design and experience, the machine often outperforms competitors.
– Ease of use, comfortable seat with adjustable armrests, complete cabin with excellent view of the project and the environment.
– Aesthetic finish, much attention has been paid to the finish of the machine.

We are gaining more and more experience in building new machines, including the MP40 and MP60. By building a new assembly hall, spray shed and warehouse, we are investing to build even more machines in the future.

Would you like more information about the VDH-MP machines? Look here or download the datasheet of the VDH-MP70.

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