VDH-MP40 CFA: less emission and high performance

Kroeze Beesd is specialized in infrastructure projects, the construction of construction pits with water-retarding layers and concrete works. The company is founded by Max Kroeze, whose vision is to deliver high-quality projects. To meet this quality level, investments are made in quality, technology and cooperation with clients. Kroeze Beesd is ISO 9001 and VCA** certified and a member of the trade association Nederlandse Vereniging Aannemers Funderingswerken (NVAF).

Less emission and consumption
Kroeze Beesd is since October 2022 the proud owner of a new VDH-MP 40 CFA. This multipurpose foundation machine can drill 300 to 600 mm and to a depth of 22.5 meters. In addition, the advanced machine is designed according to the latest safety and environmental standards. As a result, the work is carried out even more precisely and with lower emissions and fuel consumption.

Pole diameters
The machine is currently working at the Homburg project in Beesd, on the site of a former fruit growing company. To complete the expansion of the Homburg Beesd business park, a multi-company building, consisting of offices and storage space, will be built. The project will take approximately 9 months, with completion scheduled at the end of 2023. The MP40 will install mortar screw piles for the foundation. The routing is important because there are three different pile diameters.

Positive feedback
André van ‘t Geijn, the operator of the MP40, has carried out various projects with the machine and has gained a good impression of it. He indicates, for example, that the accessibility, the view from the cabin and the fact that the machine is complete with aggregate, compressor and high-pressure sprayer make it easier to work. In short, a very satisfied operator.

Quote from André van ‘t Geijn (operator): “I’ve worked before on several older machines so it took a lot of getting used to. Now that I know the machine it really is a fantastic machine.”

High performance, compact machine
For Kroeze Beesd, the MP40 is the first machine they ordered at Van den Heuvel. The choice was based on the implementation and use they had in mind, combined with a good price/quality ratio.
The cooperation went well, although of course there is always room for improvement. Such as communication and transport on a low-loader. Valuable feedback to take into account for the next collaboration.
With the very compact MP40, Kroeze can make 22.5 meter piles, which normally requires a larger machine. In addition, this machine is very economical with an average fuel consumption of 8 liters per hour.

Are you interested to find out more about the VDH-MP machines? Check here or download the datasheet of the VDH-MP40.

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