Case: Supermaritime opts for tailor-made Sennebogen

Supermaritime Nederland BV is able to efficiently transport all types of cargo that move through the port of Vlissingen, but is specialized in project-related loads such as oil and gas, offshore, dredging and energy. At the heart of their activities is unremitting efforts to deliver the highest quality services and meet the specific needs of customers with the extensive infrastructure at their disposal.

There is a special Sennebogen 2200E at the Supermaritime Netherlands terminal in Vlissingen. “There is only one of these,” says Martien Burger, general manager. “We designed it ourselves and it was built especially for us.” The tire machine is equipped with a fixed cab platform. “And of course we had him spray our own Supermaritime color scheme.”

Flexibility and speed

“At this terminal we use the machine for loading ships. Previously, we rented cranes from other terminals, but they are less flexible. Even the smaller cranes we could rent did not reach the bottom of the ships, “explains Burger. “With the arrival of the Sennebogen 2200E we are able to load and unload ships at multiple locations per day. The crane is on tires, because with caterpillars we would damage the terrain too much. “The steering ensures accurate positioning of loads, and the machine can safely drive under load. With an extremely large lifting area in both height and reach with variable boom system, this crane was the perfect solution for Supermaritime.

Safety and overview

Thanks to the elevated cab, loading ships is also much safer. No matter how high the water is, and thus the ship is along the quay, the operator always keeps an overview. “The advantage of the fixed increase is that the operator does not have to look up, which ensures a more comfortable working posture. During the loading the operator communicates with the boatswain, by means of hand gestures. Thanks to the raised cab, they can communicate well and the operator maintains an overview of the cargo and the ship, “Burger continues. In addition to the raised cab, the Sennebogen 2200E is equipped with a clean engine that meets the latest emission requirements, good for Supermaritime and the environment. Burger: “We now have a modern machine that meets all our capacity requirements, and we are proud of that!”


Customer: Supermaritime
Category: Hoists

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