Second VDH-MP60 for De Waal Solid Foundations

De Waal Solid Foundations was created in 2017 through a merger with De Waal Pale, Wig Palen and Olivier Funderingstechniek. The company specializes in deep foundations and shoring and focuses on both large and small building constructions using different types of piles. Various techniques are used, such as Berliner and secant pile walls and CSM shoring techniques.

Each project is unique and has its specific foundation requirements. This is why Van den Heuvel has developed its own line of MultiPurpose machines. The VDH-MP machines are used for a large variety of applications and have a modular character. The basis of these machines (shoring, undercarriage, pumps and PLC control) is always identical. The front of the machine is customer made and  controlled by a separate PLC such as a vibro lance, vibrating block, drill motor, etc.

The first MP60 was developed for De Waal Solid Foundations for the installation of soil-displacing screws and delivered in 2019. Following the success of the first machine, Van den Heuvel supplies a second VDH-MP60 to De Waal in 2024. With this machine, De Waal focuses mainly on drilling with Olivier screw piles.

For this new machine, both the cabin and the operating system were developed by Van den Heuvel. Standard operations are fully automated and the machine provides feedback on its performance. The software can be read remotely and automatically reports if a process deviates. Unlike the previous MP60 where an external operating system was built-in, maintenance, adjustments and updates are now completely owned by Van den Heuvel. This provides the certainty of short lines and a direct approach.

With the arrival of the second MP60, De Waal strengthens its position in the market by offering even better service and total solutions for foundations to its customers.

Check the video of the MP60 on the jobsite.

More information about the Multi Purpose machines can be found here.


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