Hydraulic hoses Sennebogen 7700

Due to weather conditions, hydraulic hoses have a lot to endure in the offshore industry. We replaced more than 1 km of hoses at a Sennebogen 7700 crane.

We recently replaced all hydraulic hoses on this 300 ton Sennebogen 7700 lattice-boom crawler crane. The crane works in the offshore industry where these hoses have a hard time due to the weather conditions. As a result, the hoses harden which can cause them to break.

Efficient working method
The A-frame and the winches have been dismantled in order to reach all hoses properly. After that, all hoses are removed from the machine. Our technicians work with their own efficient system, which minimizes the risk of incorrect assembly of the hoses. The machine can be used immediately afterwards.
We carry out these projects on location and also in our workshop in Werkendam.

We are strongly represented in the offshore with the 200 and 300 ton Sennebogen cranes. Would you like to know more about the Sennebogen 7700 lattice-boom crawler cranes? Look here for more information.





Lattice-boom crawler crane

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