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MHM Montage is working on the construction of the Haarlem energy hub. This new building for Intercel, a leading player in battery technology, will be the largest production complex for battery storage in the Netherlands. The new building has a floor area of more than 8,500 m² and meets the latest safety standards (PGS 37-2), which applies to energy carrier storage from early 2024. 

MHM Montage specializes in assembling steel structures in non-residential construction. The company has been around for nearly 30 years and has an extensive fleet of machinery, including cranes, aerial work platforms, trucks and trailers. During the construction of the energy hub, MHM is installing the steel structure and concrete floor elements. These tasks are being carried out with an electric Sennebogen 653 crawler crane.

We speak with Arjen van Maanen, co-owner of MHM Montage and operator of the electric crawler crane.

Have you worked with an electric crane before, and how do you like it?
“No, this is the first electric crane I’ve worked with. The first impression is very good; it is a pleasant machine to work with. The control is smooth and you can work with it for a long time. The 653 is a nice machine overall, even for transport. There is no need to dismantle parts such as ballast, which saves a lot of time.”

Which positive features do you experience?
“Operating the crane is smooth and fluid. The big advantage, I think, is that the crane is quiet and has no emission.”

How long can you work with the crane?
“For tasks like placing the floor elements, you can easily work a full day. At the end of the day, depending on the tasks (more/less driving), you still have 10 to 50% capacity left. The crane is charged overnight, so you can start your work again the next day. That’s the most efficient way.”

Why did you choose Van den Heuvel as supplier for the Sennebogen 653?
“Because we could buy and convert the crane at Van den Heuvel. Everything at one address.”

What differences have you noticed compared to the diesel variant?
“The crane is quieter than the diesel variant, and you no longer have to consider transporting the fuel. Other than that, I can’t think of any more differences.”

Does the crane meet your expectations?
“So far, yes, but we’ve only been using it for four weeks.”

What tasks does the crane perform?
“The crane lifts steel and concrete elements. The weight of the steel elements is between 8 and 9 tons. The weight of each concrete floor elements is 6.5 tons.”

Would you recommend the electric crane to others?
“Yes, definitely.”

Do you have anything else to add regarding working with this electric crane?
“Even though I’ve only been working with this crawler crane for a short time, I find it a pleasant experience that you can move around directly. Provided the ground bearing capacity is sufficient.”

Arjen van Maanen indicates that MHM is aware of the increasingly stringent emission requirements. From a strategic point of view, it has therefore been decided to invest in electric equipment such as aerial work platforms and the Sennebogen 653 crawler crane. Additionally, the electric Sennebogen 653 will soon be reinforced as a Sennebogen 673 is being added to the fleet. This crawler crane is currently being converted to emission-free by Van den Heuvel.

You can find more information about the Sennebogen  Electro Battery here.

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