Case: Ploegvaart opts for agile 643

Recently the company Ploegvaart (a joint venture of Vissers Ploegmakers and FPH Ploegmakers) bought a new Sennebogen 643 from Van den Heuvel Cranes & Services. This machine is now working on the “De Nieuwe Driemanspolder” project.

The ‘Nieuwe Driemanspolder’ is the polder between Zoetermeer, The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg. Prior to the work in 2017 still agricultural in nature, but in 2020 a nature and recreation area of ​​350 hectares. An area with works of art, quays and various recreational paths, with a buffer for collecting water. The aim of the polder is to drain excess water in the event of extreme rainfall, and the municipality and province also benefit from improved opportunities for nature and recreation.

The Sennebogen 643 is compact and manoeuvrable, which makes the crane extremely suitable for this work. Thanks to the robust telescope system, the crane can also move with a load. Frank Dikmans, account manager at Van den Heuvel Cranes and services explains: “The 643 fits well in the hand, responds smoothly and can be adjusted completely yourself. It is a relatively light crane, and therefore easy and economical to transport. Thanks to the lifting capacity of up to 40 tonnes, the crane can handle any demanding job on the construction site. ”

Van den Heuvel has the exclusive distribution rights of the Sennebogen Crane Line products (lattice boom cranes and telescopic cranes) in the Netherlands. Sennebogen uses state-of-the-art innovative technologies in the development and construction of their products. Sennebogen machines are known for their German reliability and ultimate performance.

Klant: Ploegvaart
Categorie: Hijskranen

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