Unparalleled ease of transport, outstanding stability, fast and safe piling, very precise inclination angles, and top performance typify Junttan equipment.


Van den Heuvel and Junttan have many years of experience in the development and production of leading piling rigs. Not only for smaller projects with limited space, but also for major jobs. Junttan piling rigs are mobile and are ready for use in no time. The medium-heavy and heavy piling rigs feature the same acclaimed characteristics as the smaller Junttan machines – safe and reliable, even in the most demanding working conditions.



You know the specific working conditions from daily practice like no other. As machine builders Junttan and Van den Heuvel are focused on this. That is why we develop all sorts of compact piling machines, both for smaller projects with limited freedom of movement even for larger work. Junttan mobile heic combinations are self-righting and very quickly ready for use. In addition to compact machines Junttan also makes machines for heavy use and everything in between. The medium and heavy piling machines have the same proven characteristics as the smaller Junttan machines. The robust design of these machines makes them safe and reliable even in the most demanding working conditions.


The X-series is available with the latest technology, including modern engines, which ensure fast and safe operation. The X-series has modern operating systems for monitoring and reporting programs, such as GPS positioning for poles, wireless data transfer and modern Junttan Fleet Management programs. The X series has been designed to meet the latest safety standards. The completely newly designed hydraulics in combination with the Junttan control systems offer unbeatable productivity, environmental friendliness and the lowest fuel consumption.


The Multipurpose piling rigs are widely applicable for varying piling activities. These machines can pivot both hitting and drilling. However, each model can be considered unique, with its own special characteristics. The machines are designed in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the customer. Together with other excellent functions, Junttan’s multifunctional machines can provide easy transportability from one workplace to another, exceptional stability, operational safety, attention to the environment and, above all, high productivity.

Hydraulische hammers

Junttan hydraulic hammers are known for their excellent energy transfer and environmental friendliness. An innovative development is the Shark hammer (SKH series). This type of hammer produces fewer vibrations and up to 10 dB less noise than a traditional pile driver. The basic frame has been modified and the vibration transfer between the various components has been even better examined. A shielding flange is provided underneath the low-noise pile cap adapter for extra noise reduction. By optimizing the stroke, the strength and productivity is 9 to 18% higher and the work can be carried out in shorter time.

Powerpacks & drills

Powerpacks from Junttan are all-rounders, durable and extremely reliable. They are designed to be used with hammers, drill motors and vibratory hammers. Because of the compact structure, the low noise level and the easy operation, the power packs are very user-friendly. With a Junttan powerpack you get the most out of your hammer, even under the most demanding conditions. The advanced drill motors ensure efficient operation for various drilling technologies. The parts are top quality, the hydraulic system is advanced and the performance is excellent, regardless of the location or the nature of the project.


Service & overhaul

Our service department repairs, maintains and overhauls piling rigs. All our employees are experienced, highly trained and possess a great deal of knowledge. Regardless of which type of rig or make, we make sure that you have full confidence in your equipment.

Junttan support

Van den Heuvel has a team of engineers that is ready for your call with fully equipped service vehicles. Our service department is experienced, highly trained, and operates worldwide to swiftly resolve the malfunction on your Junttan piling rig.

To get your piling rig back up and running as quickly as possible after certain malfunctions, we have introduced a time-saving exchange system specially for the Junttan hammer cylinders. We come to you on-site to swap the cylinders, so you can get back to work with your piling rig as soon as possible.

We have a large stock of Junttan spare parts in our warehouse. And even if a part is not in stock, we will still get it delivered quickly.

Bespoke service

We carry out complete overhauls, giving your piling rig a whole new lease of life in an as-new condition. But you might also opt for partial modifications. This might include cabins and undercarriages. Our service engineers will serve you either at our workshop in Werkendam or on-site.

Repairs and malfunctions

You must be able to rely on your piling rig at all times. If the technology lets you down, you can depend on our engineers to help, either in our workshops or on-site. If you’ve suffered a malfunction, then call us on +31 (0)183 502 655 (also available outside office hours).

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