Interview: “Crawler cranes are a perfect alternative for mobile wheel cranes.”

Compact and robust crawler telescopes

The infrastructure sector benefits from telescopic cranes that can also be used on rough terrain. Crawler cranes are a perfect alternative for mobile wheel cranes, says Marc Timmerman, director of Van den Heuvel Werkendam and exclusive distributor of Sennebogen Crane Line products, consisting of lattice boom cranes and telescopic cranes.

Van den Heuvel Werkendam has acquired the exclusive rights to the Sennebogen Crane Line products since 1 April 2017. “Thanks to this expansion, we have been able to complete our portfolio,” says Timmerman. “Sennebogen is widely known for its German reliability and uses high-quality and innovative technologies. In addition to the sales of new machines, we are also the go-to address for parts and professional service. “According to Timmerman, the Sennebogen cranes are extremely popular with companies active in the infrastructure sector, mainly due to the simplicity of the cranes, the full power boom and the inclined position ( 2 and 4 degrees) tables.

Doweling with a load

Via the product selector on the website of Van den Heuvel Werkendam all types of cranes from Sennebogen are easy to compare. Timmerman names a number of advantages of the Sennebogen crawler cranes. “They are compact and robust, have a comfortable cabin and are extended by the full power boom in one go without being doweled, even with load. On top of that, it is possible to move the crane with a load. That is something you’re not able to do with a wheel crane. These cranes are easy to transport on a flatbed trailer and ready for use once in the field. Stamping is not necessary with a crawler crane. Sennebogen provides the cranes with the latest engines (Tier IV final). They comply with ‘Green Efficiency’, which means that the cranes run more efficiently both in terms of costs and in noise production. Finally, they are maintenance-friendly and equipped with various attachments, such as two winches and runner / jib. It is also possible to work with a vibrator without problems – thanks to the unique powerboom concept. That is also supported by the factory. ”

The most suitable crawler crane cranes from Sennebogen for the GWW are, according to Timmerman, the types 643, 653 and 673 with a load capacity of 40, 50 and 70 tons, respectively.

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